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What Is The Meaning Of Odin’s Horn?

What Are Odin’s Symbols?

Odin or Wotan is the progenitor of all deities and humans, the founder of worlds, the one-eyed warlord, and the ruler of Valhalla.

The symbols of Odin:

1) Ravens Hugin and Munin – the ancient birds fly around the nine worlds every day and then tell the news to Odin.

2) Geri and Freki wolves – strong northern wolves, constant companions of the ruler in his wanderings. Symbols of the loyalty of all living things to the supreme ruler.

3) Knight Sleipnir – the eight-legged horse on which Wotan travels between worlds, son of Loki and the giant horse Svadilfari.

4) Gungnir Spear – a magic spear that strikes without missing a beat and returns to his hands after being thrown.

5) The Berserker warriors are the semi-legendary warriors of Odin, covered in a great deal of modern speculation and fantasy.

What Is The Horn Of Odin?

Pagan symbol of the Scandinavian Vikings and ancient Celtic Druids. One of the symbols of Odin. Represents a triple horn for wine, signifying strength and power. The Odin horn symbol indicates a desire for knowledge and discovery and calls for the acquisition of enlightenment. God Odin has not once sacrificed his body for the well-being of people, discovered the secret and meaning of runes, the beauty of poetry – it is also his merit. He gave one eye to Mimir, a giant who lived among the Aesir, to learn wisdom from a sacred source. 

Eventually, he sacrificed himself to gain insight into the mystery and power of the runes, which are still used to this day by many practicing occultists and magicians. The horn represents the honey of poetry, wisdom in reading and understanding the runes, and brings life-giving moisture to the journey and to life.

It is important to add that the Viking ring also brings good luck and strength, as well as it and the horn of Odin symbols color depicted and made to this day in silver.

The Tale Of Odin And His Horn

When it comes to Odin, it is almost impossible not to mention how great wisdom he had and how he gained it.

It is wisdom associated with the triple horn Odin. 

Tales of the Odin symbol triple horn have been passed down for generations. 

Here, a long time ago in a tribe of gods, a descendant of all the gods, Kvassir was born. He knew the answer to any question, so many people envied him and wanted to get rid of him. And somehow two dwarves managed to do it. They poured blood from his body and mixed it with honey. So they made mead, believing that with it, you can become as smart as Kvassir was. 

Many gods found out about this situation, including Odin. Who wanted to get hold of the triple horn.   

Odin pretended to be a slave, worked, and instead of silver, asked for a drink from the three horns. The giantess gave him one sip from each horn. After which, Odin taught an incredible amount of wisdom. He was also able to turn into an eagle and fly away. 

After that, wherever he was, even the god of war horn in the chamber of Odin was always there.

This is how the ancient Norse legend of the triple horn of Odin was born.