Psychedelic Experience Book

What Is The Best Psychedelic Experience Book?

A book about psychedelic experience is the best variant to get familiar with psychedelics, since it is easy to get confused among the long history of studies. Many researchers have contributed to the development of this area and defended their judgments – that’s what you can find in the best psychedelic experience book. 

«The psychedelic experience: a manual based on the Tibetan book of the dead» by Timothy Leary is considering the fundamental guide to the psychedelic experience. You can find this wonderful volume in the magic mushroom online dispensary shop. Now, let’s outline the main provisions of the book.

About The Author

Timothy Leary has worked in Harvard as a psychologist until one day he lived through the deep transcendent experience during the trip to Mexico in 1957 where he took the hallucinogens. Since then, the author began to actively defend the spiritual and psychotherapeutic properties of LSD and started to involve his students in the experiments. It eventually led to the dismissal of the psychologist from Harvard.

Nevertheless, Leary continued to perform his experiments and described them in his manuscripts. Later, the author moved to an estate in New York. Timothy Leary was named the most dangerous man in America – he had to serve a prison sentence several times during all his life.

The Scientific Novelty Of The Book

«Psychedelic experience: Tibetan book of the dead» mostly relies on the ancient sacred manuscript called Tibetan book of the dead that explains changes in human conscience after death and before the next life. A volume emphasizes the concept of ego death – when a high dosage of psychedelic substances leads to a loss of own identity and causes a strong transcendent state. The author of the book became the first scientist who has studied and described this uncommon phenomenon.

The psychedelic experience book by Timothy Leary represents a centuries-old Tibetan book of the dead from the side of psychedelic’s action. The author of the volume assures those psychedelic substances together with various Tibetan meditation techniques will promote an expansion of human consciousness in terms of spirituality.

Why This Volume Is Valued Among Other Similar Books?

«The psychedelic experience: a manual based on the Tibetan book of the dead» is widely appreciated in the scientific world. The author essentially has first discovered the connection between the ancient meditation methods and the action of hallucinogens. The ego death conception also became a true revelation, since this unique phenomenon was unknown before.

Timothy Leary has found an interesting similarity between the mystique death experience described in the Tibetan book of the dead and the experience of taking the psychedelics. Actually, with the last increasing attention to the hallucinogens and psychedelics, such theories of the scientists are quite priceless among the psychedelic field of the doctrine.