What Are The Advantages Of Using Leaflets For Your Advertising Campaign?

In the age of digital advertising, many people think that the printed leaflets are a thing of the past. However, this is not the case. It can be an effective tool of a marketing campaign, thanks to its attractive appearance and relatively low price. So, what are leaflets, where to find leaflets printing, and much more we will tell you in our article below?

What are leaflets

Leaflets are a single sheet product folded one or more times in folds, thereby achieving compactness when folded with a much larger usable area of ​​the product. The most popular is to use an A4 sheet with two folds. Thus, when folded it will correspond to the standard size of the flyer, but when unfolded it will be the same A4. Naturally, such a sheet can contain much more information than on a flyer, and it will be more convenient to store it than a regular leaflet of the same size. 

The role of visual design is important. The business leaflets printing are designed to be visually appealing, to convey content clearly, to depict the philosophy of the brand. Leaflets marketing is effective in many ways. But how effective are posters and leaflets printing in marketing?

Short presentation

Potential customers always have very little time – and your task is to “hook” them as quickly as possible while bringing the maximum amount of information. Not everyone will search the Internet or flip through a large catalog. Leaflets are a great and very compact way to briefly and quickly tell about your business. At the same time, they look more stylish than flyers or postcards, are made of denser material and, for this reason, stand out among the usual promotional products.


The leaflets have several uses. Custom leaflets printing can also be used as large “business cards”, presenting information about the company and your contacts. On one side you can put a map of the office or shop.

Budget choice

Unlike many traditional types of promotional products, flyers are very affordable. They cost much less advertising on radio or television, external boards. A place to print small products can be found in almost any marketing budget.

A stylish and solid brand

A high-quality printed leaflet is an ideal medium to form the image of the brand as a whole. The original performance will distinguish your company from others and will be remembered. All these guarantees that the leaflet will be noticed, the message will be studied, and not thrown in the nearest trash, as is often the case with inexpensive, unattractive flyers or booklets.

Combination with new technologies

Print direct mail – today has become a marketing classic. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep up with the times. You can put a QR code on the card to make it easier for the customer to search for your site or page on social networks. You can add elements of augmented reality. In this case, the card when scanned by a mobile device “comes to life”, “tells” a story, or “shows” the video. In any case, the potential customer will be interested and involved – which, is required of any advertising campaign.

So, leaflets are a great marketing tool. They provide a quick return on investment, strengthen the brand position, provide an opportunity to attract potential customers in the initial communication, and attract attention, thanks to the bright appearance.