Packing To Move

How To Start Packing To Move

Whether you plan to move to a new home, dealing with packing your stuff might be a true challenge. The main pledge to successfully pack for moving is just getting started. However, you should stay organized to avoid procrastination and any stress. Your goal is to create a moving checklist to make sure you pack everything essential and will be able to use items of the first necessity straight after you reach your new home. In this article, we’ll introduce you to several tips on how to begin packing to move.

What to do before stuff packing?

Before being engaged in packing your items, you need to perform preparation. Your first task is to outline a moving checklist to mention timeframes for every clause. Such a list allows you to keep everything organized and ensures you won’t forget about something important stored in the attic. 

Next, you need to figure out how many units of stuff you own to understand what to pack first. Apart from that, moving to a new residence appears like an excellent opportunity to eliminate anything unnecessary or what you no longer use. You can donate the things in good condition and throw out too bad stuff to give to someone. 

Finally, find a reliable moving company according to your budget. While many people deal with this task after packing items, it would be wise to hire professionals before starting to fill.

How to pack to move house?

If you need to pack everything shortly and move to a new home, it is sometimes hard to decide what to pack first. Here is a quick guide that will help to understand how to pack for moving a house.

1.     Season clothing

Out-of-season clothes are probably already in the boxes, so it simplifies your packing process. Additionally, you are likely to not wear these clothes for the first time when you move to another place. Thus, you can save some time packing other important stuff.

2.     Dishes what you use rarely

Since you will need some dishes to eat during your move, you can start to pack cookware that you use pretty rarely. Make sure you label boxes with kitchen utensils as fragile to avoid damaging the dishes while shipping.

3.     Artworks and other wall decorations

It is easy to forget about picture frames or wall hangings while moving to a new home. This way, make packing these items a priority on your packing checklist.

4.     Additional linens and towels

Be certain that packing a few towels and linens should be your first task since your move isn’t a suitable time to change sheets or wash bath towels. Furthermore, your goal is to keep a laundry basket empty so plan to pack these belongings properly.

5.     Books

Make sure you return any borrowed books to your friends or a library because you don’t want extra stuff to move to a new destination. Keep some books accessible, and firstly pack others into boxes.