Wine Expire

Does Wine Expire? | The Complete Guide

Whether you are a wine enthusiast, beginner, or connoisseur, knowing how long you can store wine is essential. If you have ever doubted if an aged wine or opened wine is good to consume, you are not alone. Beverages don’t last forever, and this relates to various types of wines, as well. Purchase wine online at our shop, where you can find a wide array of wines available worldwide. In this article, we’ll try to find an answer to when does wine expire.

Does wine expire unopened?

It is not a secret that unopened wines tend to last longer than opened ones, but it doesn’t mean they don’t expire at all. One thing to note – not all the consumers know, but wines can be consumed after the expiration date labeled on the bottle in the case wine smells and tastes good. The shelf life of an unopened bottle of wine is associated with 1 to 20 years, depending on its type. The right wine storage conditions are also vital – a cool dark place is an excellent consideration.

Multiple people wonder does red wine expire? When it comes to the unopened bottle of red wine, be certain you can drink it between 2 and 3 years past the expiration date that you can find on the label. Once you open a bottle of red wine, you can store it for around 3-6 days, tightly sealed in the refrigerator. It is worth mentioning that low temperatures promote longer wine freshness after opening and prevent harmful chemical reactions.

Another concern around wine expiration is does white wine expire? Whites are generally OK to drink past a year or two after the expiration date printed on the bottle label. If you doubt how long it takes for the wine to expire after opening, you can drink your favorite light white or rose wine for 4-5 days once you open a bottle. Keep in mind that it would be better to decant non-sparkling wine before storing it in a refrigerator. As for sparkling wines, they might go bad just one or two days after the opening.

How to find out my wine is expired?

There are some common signs for unopened and opened wines that go bad. For instance, if you notice any changes in wine color, like red wine turning brown or white changing to golden, it might signify its expiration. Exposure to excess oxygen tends to result in discoloration. In addition, wine fermentation is a good indicator of whether your wine spoils. If you smell the opened wine and notice a vinegar-like flavor, it’s time to throw it away. You can also pay attention to a cork – the sign of wine expiration is any wine leaks on a cork that might mean excess heat damage to the wine itself.