Customer Satisfaction Survey

7 Ways for Effectively Promoting Your Customer Satisfaction Survey

It is a common thought that the customer satisfaction survey won’t exist without visitors’ feedbacks. In their turn, not prompted to give feedback customers won’t do it. Well, in this article, we are to figure out what are the top 7 ways on how to promote a survey money worth.

1. Get Customer Loyalty

First of all, you should provide your customers with good service. Without even prompting them, you have an opportunity to get needed customer satisfaction survey comments. Means, those people who get an extremely good or extremely bad experience will want to tell their opinion and share it to the public. So, make your service more personalized, quick, and friendly, and there will be no problems in promoting your survey.

2. Choose the Best Time

How to get people to take a survey? First of all, you should guess the most suitable time. In common, it is the time when all the customer issues are resolved, and you end up the conversation with him. Ask the customer politely, and if the customer would not mind. That it is the right time for him to give feedback about his experience. And remember it a bad idea to promote your survey before the customer got a clear understanding of your service.

3. Be a Master of Your Craft

Not only the right time, but the human factor is important as well. Be gentle with your customer and avoid the rude expressions. Means, your customers may feel intruded upon or being bossed around if you are rude. Use smart world choices such as if you don’t mind/if you could please/if you have the time to take the survey and so on.

4. Add a Personal Element

Human communication has always been highly appreciated. The thing is, personalized words are much better than the corporate «we». By making the appeal personal, it makes your company more likely to be remembered by taking a survey.

5. Explain the Importance to Get the Feedback from This Particular Customer

Why customer satisfaction survey is important? It is a matter of all customers. The clearer the explanation of its importance is the more motivated your customers become. Explain all the motives of the company, possible changes, and your customers will surely complete the survey.

6. Send out Individual Surveys via E-Mail

First of all, it is beneficial as you take satisfaction from company members. In their turn, they do not have to waste a lot of time to communicate with each client. You just sent an email and look forward to the answer. Such a kind of survey is short and always to the point. No doubt, it is the easiest way as well. But keep in mind that you need to arrange a lot of things before sending the survey as it isn’t that easy as you may think.

7. Thank Your Customer

It is one of the easiest ways on how to get people to take a survey one more time. The study shows that customers are more likely to participate in your survey in the future if you say thank you once. Well, make your customers feel valued, and every survey will succeed! Good luck!