"Not everyone will use it - That's exactly why you should."
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The Healthy Handle is Doctor Recommended
"Medically speaking, the Healthy Handle is a breakthrough in eliminating hand-mouth exposure to contagious disease. It should prove an invaluable aide to better health in a potentially dangerous area of contamination. I recommend its use."
Dr. Gary H. Knapp, MD
Dandy Enterprises, LLC
Contact Transmission - Sometimes a touch can bring more than you expect - from head lice to herpes to impetigo. Understanding how diseases can spread makes them easier to prevent.
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From bacteria to parasites: Understanding the germs that cause infection - Millions of microscopic organisms live around you - in the air, water, soil and in your body. Some keep you healthy, but others make you sick.
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Contaminated Carts - Many of us have seen them: shopping carts loaded with trash and dirt. But what you don't see is even worse. Kim Khazel uncovers contaminated carts.
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State watching for supergerms - Bacteria resist antibiotics - Supergerms that resist antibiotics are spreading in Arizona, sickening some patients for months and prompting health officials to step up prevention efforts.
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Teachernet.Com - Teachernet.com shows how to demonstrate how germs are spread so that children can understand. Great way to teach children.
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Is Antibacterial Better? - The idea that antibacterial products are superior to regular cleansing products is actually a misconception.
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Keeping Winter Germs at Bay - How Health Experts Skirt Sniffles, Coughs, Colds and Flu. - 'Tis the season of colds and flu - if you aren't sniffling or coughing, you probably are working near someone who is.
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Cover cart handle, shop sanitarily - Here's a handy, dandy health product for people who recoil at the idea of grabbing hold of a dirty handle on a grocery store cart.
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Child flu deaths have schools worried - Midway through the month when influenza typically peaks, health officials were monitoring four hospitalized Nebraska children, while three North Carolina schools remained closed over widespread symptoms of the illness.
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The great influenza pandemic: Could it happen again? - Imagine an international influenza epidemic that kept on spreading, infecting 20% to 40% of the world's population. More than 20 million people dead in less than a year, about 500,000 of them in the United States alone. It actually happened, in 1918. They called it the "Spanish Flu."
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